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Warming Whiskies for the Winter Months

The cooler months demand a change of approach to your whisky drinking- a move to something darker and full flavoured. A simple rule of thumb would be to choose a whisky matured in sherry oak casks, typically Spanish oak. Sherry
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Tasting CELIA Gluten-Free Czech Craft Lager

Paid partnership with CELIA Located in the historical Žatec town in Czech Republic, famous for growing the world-renowned Saaz hop since 1004, is a new brand of Gluten-Free, Czech craft lager, names CELIA. Available in two variants: CELIA Organic and
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Christmas Gifts 2017 – Living

Some gifts cannot be easily placed into a category – unique in their own right, they arise when thinking outside the box, and are therefore ideal for those who are hard to buy for. For drinks, tech, and everything in-between,
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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Spicy in flavour, smooth in character- Jack Daniel’s has announced a new rye whiskey at 45% ABV. It’s made up of 70 per cent rye, 18 per cent corn, 12 per cent malted barley and is charcoal mellowed in the
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